July Peru Tour

South America has many cultures; the best known to Westerners is those of the Incan Empire, called TAWANTINSUYO. In the Quechua language, this means four nations that came together to form this powerful and mystical political, economic and social system.

These nations are QOLLASUYO, which developed on the high plateau around Lake Titicaca — now Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina; ANTISUYO, which developed in the Amazon jungle—now Peru, part Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia; CHINCHAYSUYO, the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador, Peru and northern Chile; CONTISUYO, the inter-Andean valleys of Peru, facing the coast of Nazca. There are more than 300 dialects in Peru, showcasing their rich, ethnic diversity.

The Andean people were in deep communication with the environment in which they developed, understanding time as cyclical and not linear, and feeling the living space as unique and sacred, the Pachamama – Mother Earth.

This has enabled the ancient Andean civilization to see reality though an alternate state of consciousness, creating a deep spiritual awareness.

We invite you to this pilgrimage through the jungle and the mountains to connect with the history and energy of Mother Earth through different journeys for archaeological sites and places of incredible energy, and through various ceremonies of healing and connection with our inner spiritual beings.

JULY 14:

Arrive in Lima. You will be greeted at the airport by Rubén’s assistant, Oscar Osores, who speaks English. Transfer to Hotel María Angola ( www.hotelmariaangola.com) or similar. Rest for an early flight.






JULY 15:

In the early morning we will return to the airport to take our flight to Iquitos and transfer to the port of Bellavista in the Nanay River, tributary of the Amazon. We’ll travel by boat up the river toward the Reservation of Yanamomo and the Heliconia Lodge, our home for the next four nights.

After lunch we will visit a local Shaman, Don Maximo, where we will learn about sacred plant medicine. Then we‘ll return to Lodge for dinner. After dinner we will have a group gathering and a performance by musician David Jorgenson. B-L-D



JULY 16:

pinkdolphinThis morning, we take a boat to the Amazon River tributaries to have our first connection with the pink dolphins (inia geoffrensis) and gray dolphins. You can take the time to swim and play in the river mud, then return to the lodge for lunch.

In the afternoon, we will take a short walk in the jungle to observe the flora and fauna, then return to the lodge for an hour-long talk about the Andean Cosmovision. This evening, Don Maximo will lead an optional sacred plant ceremony. B-L




JULY 17:

This morning after breakfast we will meet to share and process the ceremony from the evening before.  Today, take time to meditate and enjoy the jungle. After lunch, we will visit the community of Yaguas and then return to the lodge.

This evening, we will dine at the lodge, then take a ride along the Amazon River to observe the stars. B-L-D




JULY 18:

We return again to the Amazon to watching dolphins and swim in the river, then back to the lodge in time for lunch. In the afternoon, we visit a sugar cane plantation see how alcohol is made from cane sugar.

We return to the lodge for dinner and tonight take a short trek through the jungle. B-L-D



JULY 19:

Before breakfast we will enjoy a “Baño de Florecimiento,” a special plant and flower water prepared by our Shaman to purify us after we shower. In the Shamanic tradition, it is given to protect the energy of the body.

This morning, we return by boat to the city of Iquitos, visit the local crafts market, then transfer to the airport for our flight to Lima. Oscar will greet us and take us back to our Hotel. (Hotel María Angola or similar). B-L



JULY 20:

Today we return to the airport to fly to Cusco, where a coach will take us on to Urubamba. We are lucky to get to stay at the Hosteria Illarimiuy, our guide Rubén’s healing center, where we will drink coca tea and have a rest, both to allow our bodies to adjust to the altitude.

After lunch, we will have a ceremony with Qeros and make an offering to Mother Earth). B-L-D


JULY 21:

This morning we will have a workshop on traditional Andean healing and feminine energy. In the afternoon, we move to the Great Huanca of the Serpent (Urco) to create a small ceremony with the female energy of Mother Earth (Kundalini), then return to Urubamba for another David Jorgenson Concert, followed by dinner.

We overnight again at the Hosteria Illarimuy. B-L-D



JULY 22:


Today we take a train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Caliente, the town of Machupicchu. After we check into the Inti Inn we will have lunch, and ascend to Machu Picchu, known as the Cristal City.







We will have a guided tour with Rubén, then free time to explore. We‘ll return to town at for an early dinner at the Inka Wasi Restaurant then go to the hot thermal baths.

We will enjoy a private visit to the hot springs, where Rubén will conduct a ceremony in the healing waters. B-L-D




JULY 23:

In the morning we can visit Machu Picchu again to ascend Apu Huayna Picchu or Apu Machu Picchu, plus have more free time to explore and meditate. This afternoon, we visit the local Shaman Heberth Jordan and experience a Ceremony of Sounds.

Then we take the train to Ollantaytambo and a bus to Urubamba. After dinner we will enjoy the steam room with medicinal eucalyptus plants. Tonight we stay at the Hosteria Illarimuy, our home for the next three nights. B-L-D



JULY 24:

After breakfast we visit the salt mines, where salt is obtained by evaporation, and we learn how salt can help open the third (inner) eye, then we go to the concentric terraces of Moray, where we will do a ceremony to Mother Earth, then on to Chinchero for lunch.

This afternoon, we visit the women weavers of this village, who will show us their ancestral weaving and dyeing techniques.  Then return to Urubamba. Hosteria Illarimuy. B-L-D



JULY 25:

After an early breakfast we will leave around 6 am to go to the market to buy fruit and gifts for the children. Then we travel 3 hours by bus up the mountain to the school in Hueco Uno.

We will spend time with the children and do humanitarian work with the Heart Walk Foundation for several hours. In the afternoon we return to Urubamba, where we have dinner and time to rest.

If you don’t want to travel up to the high altitudes, you can stay and rest at the healing center in Urubamba. Hosteria Illarimuy. B-L-D



JULY 26:

This morning we will go to the Killa Rumiyoq archaeological site, to visit and then create a sacred ceremony here, connecting to the feminine energy of the site.

We picnic here for lunch, and then this afternoon, arrive in Cusco. Munay Wasi Inn Hotel or similar. B-L



JULY 27:


After breakfast we visit the pre-Inca city of Pikillaqta, and then arrive in Tipon, where we
will have a closing water ceremony. Feel free to explore Cusco further this afternoon.

Tonight you will enjoy your farewell dinner with music and folk dancing. Munay Wasi Hotel or similar B-L-D





JULY 28:

It’s time to go home! Transfer to airport for return flight to Lima. Lunch at Todo Peru Restaurant and visit a museum Larco Hoyle and the local market.

Transfer to the airport for the flight home to USA. B-L


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